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Transforming the lives of families
experiencing homelessness.

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Change the life of a family that has experienced homelessness.

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H  hand up vs. a handout provides accountability

O  opportunities provided by individualized success coaching

P  peace while transitioning from the trauma of being homelessness

E  empowerment fuels the resident journey toward healing

How We Help

Focus on the Journey–

The paths that lead to experiencing homelessness vary greatly, but the commonality is that residents arrive in survival mode. Our programming guideline for residents focuses on Family Stability, Well-being, Financial Management, Education & Training, and Employment & Career.

Our Programs

The Bridge to Self-Sufficiency–

Homelessness is a traumatic event, and healing requires both guidance and time. Our programs are each tailored to meet the needs of our residents throughout their journey. Learn more about each program below. 


The ASPIRE program provides safe, stable housing for families experiencing homelessness for up to two years. 


The THRIVE Alumni Program provides an additional three years of support to families after completing the ASPIRE program.


The ACADEMY Academic Enrichment and After school program provides support for children of ASPIRE and THRIVE participants. 

In Pursuit

The Journey of a Resident

I came to Rainbow Village alone, scared and beaten down. I had left an abusive marriage and had to leave my hometown and support system. I was able to find a job, but with two children, my small salary was barely enough to make ends meet. My car was in need of an unexpected repair and with no savings, I had to choose between making the repair and keeping my job or losing my job and paying one more month’s rent. My credit cards were maxed out and we were put on a path to eviction.

I came into Rainbow Village so overwhelmed. Rainbow Village showed me that I was capable of rebuilding my life. I have learned what family truly means. I’ve learned how to reach out, get help, and help those in need around me. I’m paving the way for my children and they’re learning some important life skills along with me. Rainbow Village has brought me a sense of peace that will stay with me long after we move on to our next chapter.

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