Residential Support for Families

The ASPIRE program is a residential program that provides stable housing for families for up to two years. 

We can house up to 30 families on our campus at a time. We recognize that homelessness is a traumatic experience and that in order to heal, it requires both guidance and time. Residents take their own unique path to reach us and will be taking their own path once they leave. We support residents by utilizing an individual centric model that coaches residents throughout their journey. 

Qualification Criteria

In order to join the ASPIRE program, prospective residents are interviewed and assessed to determine their needs and learn more about their path. The ASPIRE Residential Program is a rigorous endeavor that requires a desire and attitude to make long-lasting life changes. Once selected, residents agree to a covenant that outlines their commitment to growth and healing as a member of the Rainbow Village community. Residents adhere to community guidelines, pay below-market rent, and work to increase their income, decrease their debt, and increase their savings while in the program. 

Our Process


The admission process begins with an assessment to ensure eligibility. The next step is to complete and return the ASPIRE application. (Applications are only provided to families when/if we have a unit available.) Once an application is completed it is reviewed by the Program team and administrative staff


If the applicant meets the requirements, the next step is an interview with a Success Coach. The Success Coach will evaluate potential residents and determine if they will be a good fit for the ASPIRE program. Success Coaches work closely with residents throughout their time in the program.


Once the new resident has been approved for enrollment, they will enter into a covenant with Rainbow Village for the duration of their stay. This covenant outlines the requirements for continued participation in the ASPIRE program. 


While residents are participating in the ASPIRE program, they are supported by Success Coaches who work on building residents up in the core areas of Self-Sufficiencies. They are also supported by a group of peers. The social component is vital to strengthening interpersonal skills and building trustworthy support networks. These support systems and friendships last long after residents move on to the THRIVE Program.

Measuring Success

Success in the ASPIRE program is measured by the positive growth residents are making towards stability in five key areas.

Family Stability
Financial Management
Education & Training
Employment & Career