Breaking the Cycle

Rainbow Village ACADEMY provides academic enrichment, social skill development, and a safe haven for children from elementary to high school age. The ACADEMY is Monday-Friday for after school, digital learning days, and school holidays. 

The ACADEMY is located on our residential campus making it convenient for bus transportation and peace of mind for parents. In addition to academic support, enrichment opportunities, and peer socialization, the ACADEMY is a safe place for children to work through the trauma they have experienced. They are surrounded by peers who serve as a counsel and build each other up socially and emotionally.

Learning at Work

Afterschool Support

Rainbow Village ACADEMY serves as a safe place for minor children after the school day ends. Afterschool support lets parents focus on work, knowing their children are taken care of and it allows the children to receive additional education support for homework.

Embracing Arts

Rainbow Village ACADEMY also serves to give our younger residents hands on enrichment outside of core education. Our goal is to nurture children in a way that is well rounded and fosters creativity. Some activities include dance, team play and hands on crafting projects. 

STEM Enrichment

ACADEMY students also have the opportunity to broaden their horizons with STEM enrichment. The STEM labs are sponsored by Siemens and encourages curiosity and allows students a chance to explore with hands on activities.

Building Communities

While STEM and Arts help to build on education, the long lasting effects of building a community are unmatched. The ACADEMY is a safe space for children to work through the trauma they’ve experienced as a result of a period of homelessness. They are surrounded by peers who also have first hand knowledge of what that period feels like. They serve, in a way, as counsel and build each other up socially and emotionally. 

Making Connections

The ACADEMY fosters connection between children in the community and encourages peer to peer socialization and trauma support. We collaborate with the Gwinnett County School System and work to build relationships with the schools, principals and teachers. This serves as a road map for parent involvement in the future.