What is the Giving Circle?

The Women’s Giving Circle is a diverse, dynamic and generous group of women engaged in an exciting venture of strategic philanthropy. It leverages the resources of individuals for greater impact by pooling members’ dollars and using the money to award microgrants to families of Rainbow Village.

Goals of the Women’s Giving Circle include:

  • Educate and increase awareness about family homelessness

  • Promote volunteerism and effective philanthropy

  • Fund micro-grants to Rainbow Village residents or alumni

  • Provide sustainable funding for the Aspire Residential Program and the Thrive Alumni Program

  • Networking and connecting with likeminded women

Better Together Event Series

Upcoming Events:

December 7th, 6pm
Microgrant Award Ceremony

The Women’s Giving Circle hosts quarterly events in an effort to accomplish the goals of the giving circle. These events include speakers, food & beverage, networking, games, prizes and usually a little something else to add to the fun! Click Here to watch the June Facebook live event.

Seeking Event Sponsors & Volunteers

Save the Date:

March 2023: Kick Off Event
June 2023
September 2023
December 2023: Microgrant Award Ceremony

Check back for more details

Join the Circle

What joining means?
Women’s Giving Circle supporters commit to donating a minimum of $1,000 annually to provide individualized Success Coaching for each resident at Rainbow Village.

Supporters also agree to collaborate, network, and connect to improve opportunities for the families we serve.

Supporters benefit from sharing the joy of giving together.

How will my contributions be used? 
Your donation provides Success Coaching for residents in the Aspire & Thrive programs at Rainbow Village which focuses on 5 core pillars leading to self-sufficiency: Family Stability, Well-being, Financial Management, Education and Training and Employment and Career.

A portion of each donation is allocated for micro grants that are awarded directly to residents or alumni through an application process. 

Micro Grant Impact

Micro Grants are awarded to residents or alumni through an application process. The request must demonstrate how the microgrant funds will help them achieve success in one of the five core pillars of focus.

Family Stability
Financial Management
Education & Training
Employment & Career


2020 Micro Grant Winner, Grandfather & his Granddaughters now Alumni


One: CEO Award was awarded to a Resident

Seven: 5 Pillar Grants were award

  • (1) to pay off an eviction notice on credit report
  • (1) to cover cost of printer and testing to become a licensed bookkeeper
  • (1) to reduce student loan debt and to take a class to complete degree
  • (1) to assist with starting a non-profit to assist parents that have children with autism
  • (1) to pay down medical debt and improve credit score
  • (1) to cover cost of testing & materials to become an LPN
  • (1) to be used toward returning to school to earn an Associate’s Degree


2021 Micro Grant Speaker, 2020 Winner now Alumni



Two: CEO Awards were awarded to an Alumni and a Resident

Eleven: 5 Pillar Grants were awarded

  • (4) to pay down debt

  • (2) to pay OFF remaining debt

  • (1) for long overdue and much needed dental work

  • (2) for car repairs allowing transportation to/from work

  • (1) to pay down student loan debt

  • (1) to help cover the cost of a divorce

2022 Leadership Team

Michelle Livingstone, (Chair)

Mona Reiser Armstrong

Janis Martinez

Eleanor Morgan

Beth Martin

Beth Hardy

Brittany Edwards

Sandy Barber


For more information or questions please contact info@rainbowvillage.org.