The Next Step in the Journey–

The THRIVE program provides an additional three years of support for families. The additional time supports research that indicates that it takes five years to overcome a trauma, such as experiencing homelessness. Not all residents are able to leave the village totally self-sufficient, so we continue to provide scaled support for alumni on a case by case basis.  This additional tailored support allows them to stay focused on continuous improvements along their journey. 

Ongoing Support

THRIVE helps provide the support needed to make this important transition as smooth as possible. The Alumni Community Integration Coordinator begins collaboration with the Aspire Success Coaches 6 months – 1 year prior to the target move out date for each resident.  Once a family exits our residential program, the Alumni Coordinator continues to keep them moving toward their desired goals with the support of Financial Counseling, Success Coaching and Mentoring. Other potential services provided can include rental assistance, transportation services and/or mental health service on an as needed basis.

Life Long Impact

Meet Darline–

Hear about her journey to Rainbow Village and how her time as a resident equipped her to be a better mother and build a sustainable future.