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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a national model of an educational and holistic approach to breaking the cycles of homelessness, poverty and domestic violence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform lives for homeless families with children of North Metro Atlanta through a community-based, transitional housing program that promotes self-sufficiency.

Our Values

  • Love for God and Our Neighbor
  • Respect for the Dignity of Others
  • A Supportive Community
  • Compassion and Humility
  • To be Good Stewards

The Need

All humans need the same things: a place to sleep, enough to eat and the nourishment of human support and affection in systems of permanence that do not threaten abandonment at every turn—an ongoing sense of home and family.

  • Georgia currently has over 500,000 children living in poverty stricken families, with over 60,000 Georgia children experiencing homelessness each year. The average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
  • 87% of homeless families cited lack of affordable housing as the primary cause of their homelessness.
  • Domestic Violence is the second most frequently stated cause of homelessness for families. One-half of homeless women and children have fled domestic violence.
  • In Georgia, one wage earner earning the state’s minimum wage would have to work 85 hours a week (for 52 weeks per year) to afford a two bedroom apartment at the fair market rent. All it takes is one seemingly minor event to push a family into homelessness.
  • The current high school graduation rate for homeless children in the state of Georgia is less than 25%.

Our Effectiveness

Rainbow Village is accredited by the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness as a “best practice” organization. In 2008, we received the Bridge Builder Award from the Alliance recognizing us a model organization in collaboration and effectiveness. Rainbow Village CEO, Nancy Yancey was awarded the 2011 Essential Piece Award from the Alliance for her leadership, vision and impact on ending homeless in Georgia. In 2012, Rainbow Village was the winner of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce D. Scott Hudgens Humanitarian and Pinnacle Awards.

As careful stewards of the funds entrusted to our care by investors, Rainbow Village’s administrative and fundraising costs for 2014 were only 20.9% of the organizational budget. (Charity Navigator states that most non-profits have administrative costs of 25-32%).