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Children and Youth

Fewer than 25% of homeless children graduate from high school. Truancy and drop-out ECDC web blocksrates among homeless kids are well above average. Our greatest opportunity is with the children. These children must have hope and a belief that life can be different and better for them and experience those things every child should be able to take for granted.

Our Children and Youth Enrichment programs offer a wonderful opportunity for Rainbow Village children to heal, learn and better themselves through several exciting programs designed just for them.

After School

Rainbow Village children find tremendous love and support through our After School Program. We start the afternoon with a healthy snack, playground time and fun, creative projects. Then we get down to business with homework support and tutoring to ensure they reach their full potential academically. After School time is full of praise, encouragement and great time with friends.

Click here to see our After School Program Wish List!

Big Recess

Many of the children at Rainbow Village have seen and experienced things that most of could never imagine. Big Recess is held one night a week and is specifically designed to give them time to just be kids. Volunteers of all ages love to come and share in the fun.

Character Building Classes

One evening each week, Rainbow Village children participate in an educational program that focuses specifically on values, virtues, good decision-making, positive attitudes, giving back and more. We lay the groundwork for them to take away a strong value system, high standards of behavior and sound principles they’ll carry with them for a lifetime.

All of these programs are mandatory for residents and open to the graduates of Rainbow Village.

Children are the key to breaking the cycle of homelessness, poverty and domestic violence. Our youth programs embody the holistic community approach that Rainbow Village is committed to fulfilling and in return we’re seeing direct results like these:

  • Improved study skills and standardized test results
  • Improved reading, comprehension, and math skills
  • Improved school attendance and academic success
  • Increased high school and post-secondary graduation rates
  • Increased awareness of their responsibilities in the family
  • Improved behavior and social skills
  • Enhanced social skills and value systems