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Since 1991, more than 1200 individuals have transitioned from homelessness back to a life of self-sufficiency as a result of Rainbow Village.

Our Graduates

After completing the Rainbow Village resident program families are encouraged to participate in our Alumni Program.

The Alumni Program provides ongoing support and community as our families move on to homes of their own. Alumni Program children and youth may continue to attend the After School and Character Building Programs. Alumni Program adults are encouraged to continue participating in the Life Skills program as peer mentors. Alumni meet together monthly to share their accomplishments and struggles and provide support to their peers.

Rainbow Village Annual Report 2016

Click here to download the Rainbow Village 2016 Annual Report


Please read Nancy’s note on her upcoming transition.

Hopes and Dreams for 2017

A note from the Rev. Nancy Yancey, CEO, Rainbow Village.
Hopes and Dreams 2017

In Their Words…

Names and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of our graduates.

“Miracle of My Life”
“Home Sweet Home”

Amy’s Story: Where Would I Be If It Wasn’t For Rainbow Village?

I was living with my ex-husband in a very nice home in Peachtree Corners. We had divorced 2 months prior. Knowing that I had no other place to go, he used that to his advantage and agreed to have us live in the same home. Staying there, I was subject to all sources of abuse. Continue reading

Celia’s Story

On an average day Celia came home from work ready to cook dinner and love on her family, but life took a tragic turn. Instead of being met with hugs she was met by an angry hand that crossed a line and made her a victim of domestic violence. Continue reading

Deena’s Story

I came to Rainbow Village because I was in a domestic violence situation and was separated from my husband. I was really, really distraught when I first came here and didn’t know which way to turn. It was like my mind was just totally gone because I had so much going on inside. Continue reading

Emily’s Story

I was 28 years old and a single mother of two children, a six year old daughter and four year old son. I had lived in Ohio for 11 years, where I met my ex-husband of 7 years, and moved to Georgia where all of my family lived. My ex-husband, whom I had not been with for two years, seemed to still be able to make my self-esteem and feelings of self-worth feel less than zero. Continue reading

John’s Volunteer Story

Several years ago, Nancy Yancey casually asked me if I was available on Thursday evenings. I responded that Thursdays happened to be one of the few nights that I was not working. She immediately informed me that it must be a sign that I was meant to be a volunteer for “Big Recess.” Continue reading

Lynnette’s Story

I came to Rainbow Village alone, scared and beaten down. I was pregnant with my third child and two small children under two. I had left an abusive marriage and moved from another state. Continue reading

From Homelessness to City Hall: Miaya’s Story

Recently one of our residents’ powerful stories of success was featured on 11 Alive News. We are so pleased that Miaya’s story could be told, for she has turned a tale of struggle into an inspirational message of hope. Continue reading

Neal’s Story

I was asked by the associate and senior pastors of my church if I would be interested in becoming involved in a local mission effort to refurbish a set of apartments that had been donated to an organization call Rainbow Village. Continue reading

Toni’s Story

Recently we sat down with Toni for her first 90-day evaluation. She’s a single mom of four precious children. When she came to Rainbow Village she was barely hanging on. She had no job and was doing everything she could to simply feed and clothe her kids. Continue reading

Beverly’s Story

In 1991 I had a much better life. I was a mom to two children and married to a man who loved me, so I thought. But my life crumbled down around me. Continue reading

Glenda’s Story

Before I came to Rainbow Village I was living in a duplex that was more than I could afford to pay for after the children’s mother was told that she could not longer live with us. Continue reading

Thelma’s Story

Before I cam to Rainbow Village my life was unbelievable. I have been married twice. My first marriage was terrible. I put up with a person that loved to fight and drink. Continue reading

Other Testimonials We’ve Received

Dear Rainbow Village, Thank you for helping when times were hard. You are angels in our eyes. Words cannot explain what you have done for us. We have truly been blessed. Thank you many times over, Nicolett & Kids What … Continue reading

A True Metamorphosis: Danielle’s Story

For two decades Rainbow Village has been firmly committed to our mission to break the cycles of homelessness, poverty and domestic violence one family at a time. We have had great success and no doubt have a model that has … Continue reading

Rainbow Village… How Did I Get Here?

“There but for the grace of God go I.” Sometimes truer words are never spoken. One of the Rainbow Village residents, Layla (name has been changed), seems to embrace these prophetic words. Layla grew up in a two-parent family, one … Continue reading

Heather’s Story

“I wanted to give up, but Rainbow Village wouldn’t let me. I was so lost. They loved me through the worst time in my life. There was always someone there. They helped me realize that I control my own destiny.” … Continue reading

Bianca’s Christmas Letter

I wish I could find the right words to express my gratitude for how you’ve impacted and my family’s life; however, I don’t think the words exist. Every time I think of it, tears well up in my eyes. You … Continue reading

Felicia’s Family Blossoms

Felicia and her two sons continue blossoming three years after moving from Rainbow Village. She is very proud of the fact that since leaving our resident program three years ago she has not needed additional financial assistance. She credits her … Continue reading