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    "Provide the community, the tools and the knowledge homeless families need to stand on their own again…and God will do the Rest!"

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In 2015, Rainbow Village received more than 3,000 requests for admission to our program

Family homelessness is widespread and traumatic. It can lead to long-term health, educational, and behavioral challenges and heighten the risk for future violence, criminal activity, poverty, and mental health issues.

At Rainbow Village we provides trauma-informed care that addresses the impact of homelessness. We also provide a safe place where dignity, self-respect, and hope are restored. But, we don’t work for our families, we work with our families as they shed the mantle of homelessness by truly listening to them and guiding them to wholeness.

All Rainbow Village families arrive to a fully-furnished apartment with individual beds. This “soft landing” allows families to experience the comfort and security that is possible in life and encourages them in their pursuit of upward mobility, self-reliance, and stability.

We use the Two-Generation approach to ending homelessness

“The two-generation approach focuses on creating opportunities for and addressing the needs of both vulnerable parents and children together,” according to the Aspen Institute. Their research finds that for families to thrive they must have access to high-quality early education and supports for children, assistance to strengthen parents’ skills and tools to improve their economic standing.

Rainbow Village uses this evidence-based approach in our comprehensive program. 

Self Sufficiency Skills: We use the Arizona Self-Sufficiency Matrix approach to develop and assess each family’s progress toward 20 self-sufficiency goals.

Adult Life Skills: Classes include budgeting, home and automobile maintenance, life skills, parenting/caregiving, financial planning, career counseling, and credit building. We also offer job training, educational scholarships, and on-site GED preperation.

Child and Youth Programs: The on-site after school program includes therapeutic play time, homework support, tutoring, mentoring, exploratory learning and field trips. Programs focus on values, virtues, good decision-making, positive attitudes, giving back, high standards of behavior and sound principles to carry with them for a lifetime.

Mental Health Services: Through a partnership with Family Ties all family members receive mental health assessments and counseling. 

Early Childhood Development: Children from six weeks to four years old receive essential early childhood education, measured by social, cognitive, development, and language skills. Our freestanding Early Childhood Development Center provides a safe, stable, nurturing environment necessary for development achievement.

Alumni Program: We provide post-residential families independence programs for up to eight years. Many of our mentors and counselors in the adult program are past residents.

You can be part of the Rainbow Village program and help end the generational cycle of homelessness, poverty, and domestic violence

Our dedicated community of investors and volunteers make our work possible. Their generous, broad-based support has allowed us to launch more than 300 families toward hope, dignity, and independence. 

Your ongoing support will help us continue transforming the lives of homeless families