• Architectural rendering of the new Rainbow Village campus
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Our Strategic Funding Plan – Capital Campaign

Phase 1 – Completed April 2012completed stamp

Consolidate current Rainbow Village families into the new property in Duluth and provide on-site Family Services. 

  • Constructed two, 6-unit apartment buildings and an on-site Family Service Center

This step allowed us to bring all Rainbow Village families onto one campus and take advantage of some economies of scale with all residents in one location. We also know that “Community” is essential to the success of the Rainbow Village Program. This step allowed us to create one community for transforming families.

Estimated Construction Costs: $2,272,966

Phase 2 – Completed November 2015completed stamp

Provide on-site Family Services and Education/ Recreational and Day Care facilities. Construction began July 2013.

  • Build the Educational / Recreation and Day Care Facility on the existing Rainbow Village property

The existing apartment property will be converted into space that will house the Rainbow Village after-school program, the Adult Learning Center for Life Skills and Workforce Development, day care facility, kitchen and cafeteria where community meals are served.

Estimated Construction Costs: $2,900,000

Phase 3 – In Progress…

Increase our capacity to serve the homeless families with children of North Metro Atlanta.

  • Build the final THREE new apartment buildings designed to increase our capacity from 12 families to 30 families in the future.

 To date, we have raised over 90% of the $1.7 million needed to finish construction. With your continued support, our community will be able to bridge the final gap and provide stable, safe housing for an additional 12 families every year. Don’t miss this opportunity to directly contribute to breaking the cycles of homelessness, poverty, and domestic violence to a family in need!

Estimated Construction & Early Operational Costs: $1,750,000

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  • Total Construction Costs for Step 1-3: $7,122,966
  • Incremental Operating Costs for Step 1-3: $1,700,000
  • Total Projected Costs of the Master Plan: $8.8 million

 Program Oversight and Accountability

Rainbow Village, Inc. implemented the five-year initiative with input from the Campaign Steering Committee. This committee, comprised of mostly top investors in our capital campaign, oversaw early implementation and maintained program accountability on an annual basis. Throughout the five years of the program, all investors are informed through a detailed series of newsletters, periodic reports and special events. Investors are also encouraged to call with questions and suggestions that arise during the implementation of this program.