Felicia’s Family Blossoms

FeliciaFelicia and her two sons continue blossoming three years after moving from Rainbow Village. She is very proud of the fact that since leaving our resident program three years ago she has not needed additional financial assistance.

She credits her growing financial independence to Rainbow Village’s budgeting program. “If you make use of the tools they give you there is no way you will fail,” Felicia recently told RV Community Engagement Director Michelle Alcorn. “Even if you don’t think you need what is being taught, you will be able to apply it later.” Felicia said she is now focused on being debt-free upon getting her 2016 tax refund and using it to pay outstanding bills. She is also saving money for a down payment on a home for her family.

Felicia, who has worked in long term care for 13 years, has now channeled her passion for meeting the needs of others into starting her own business. Angels on Call, provides a range of services including home care, personal assistance, gift baskets, special occasion planning and most any other assistance an individual might need.

Felicia said her business goal is to one day expand Angels on Call to include a personal care home.

Felicia says she and her boys also benefited greatly from the community of friends they made while at RV. Prior to being in the program, Felicia said she and her boys lived somewhat isolated lives; not associating much with people outside her family. That changed at Rainbow Village where they learned the value of community.

A self-proclaimed championship “couponer,” Felicia has since used her coupon skills to buy extra items to give to others in need. She said her memories of how much she was helped by the unexpected gift of necessities when she needed the help motivates her to

Another emotional boost, Felicia said, came from being constantly encouraged by her family’s Perimeter Church Rainbow Village Faith Partners. “It meant so much to know that we were cared about by people outside of the RV staff and community,” she said. It’s a relationship that Felicia has continued, sharing meals, receiving cards, and celebrating special occasions with her faith partners.

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