A Fantastic Day

How is Rainbow Village Working to Break the Cycles of Homelessness, Poverty and Domestic Violence?

mike_with_child_bwRainbow Village will soon be home to 6 more families. Our third apartment building will be completed in early 2015. Like our first 2 apartment buildings, the third building will have 3-bedroom and 2-bath apartments. By the end of the year, Rainbow Village will be a live, work and play community with 18 families all together!

 “It Takes A Village”

Rainbow Village is founded on a true “village” model. Here, our families and their children find refuge, recover and learn to rebuild their lives with the love and support of our community surrounding them. Our program offers a long-term solution through support services for the whole family. This means after-school fun and tutoring for the kids, life skills courses for the parents, and counseling for families. The 2-Generation Approach, a way to help homeless families transform their lives by giving the adults the tools they need and the children the best chance they deserve for better lives, is how we have an 85% success rate AND how we intend to permanently break these cycles.

And This Is Why We Do What We Do…

Sondra Blue, Program Director of Rainbow Village, shares a little bit about her days and what she does to get ready for the After-School Program.

SondraandBusEach afternoon, I start out by doing the bus pre-safety check. I walk around the bus looking for things that are wrong. I am looking for dents and dings, kicking tires (smile) and listening for noises. I check the inside looking at the seat belts, checking my mirror. I put the radio on 91.5. I use my mirrors as I back out of the parking space. I use my turn signal as I come out of the parking lot. Waiting at stop lights, watching motorists flying by, making sure I watch my speed (I do have a lead foot). As I pull onto North Berkeley Lake, I see the flashing school zone lights, so I adjust my speed again. I pull up behind two of three buses, turn my bus off and settle in to watch for my students. Teachers walk by, wave “hello,” and I wave back. This is so mundane.
The bell rings at 3:40, and the students that ride the early buses begin to make their way out. I begin to perk up. One of the first students is a graduate of the program. As he walks by talking to his little friends, he seems to never be too busy to turn and say “Hello, Ms. Sondra” and wave with a big smile.
Now if I was having a lousy day, it has just turned into a good day. If I was having a good day, it has just turned into a fantastic day!