Toni’s Story

Rainbow Village is not for the faint of heart. Our program gives much but also expects much from our residents. Everyone is accountable. Some feel we run a boot camp, while others embrace the challenge and rigor of our program to push themselves to new heights. The first 90 days is the litmus test. In those first few months residents are able to take a breath and get their head about them. It’s a time of deep reflection when they determine how they are going to face the future. Will they be victims or take charge and chart a new course that leads to success?

Recently we sat down with Toni for her first 90-day evaluation. She’s a single mom of four precious children. When she came to Rainbow Village she was barely hanging on. She had no job and was doing everything she could to simply feed and clothe her kids.

In just a few short months Toni embraced all that Rainbow Village has to offer. She secured a job working as a medical lab assistant where she’s earned three different certifications. She’s attended diligently her life skills classes and completed a Dress for Success program that gave her renewed confidence in her own personal brand. She applied and was accepted to Gwinnett Tech and thanks to a Pell Grant she’s going back to school to become a dental assistant. It all appeared that everything was going her way, but we learned there was more to the story.

Part of the Rainbow Village covenant is that residents must have a job and transportation to get to-and-from work. Well, a few weeks ago Toni’s car stopped running and she didn’t have the funds to repair her car. But she knew she had a commitment to keep and she was determined not to let her circumstances beat her. She had fought too hard and survived too much to let a broken-down car get in her way. For over two weeks Toni walked 8 miles to the nearest bus stop that could get her to her job in Snellville each morning and then reversed the trip each afternoon to get back home. She never missed a day of work and carpooled with other residents to ensure she attended her self-improvement classes and her kids stayed involved in their programs. Because she showed such determination, initiative and accountability we granted her a loan that enabled her to get her car repaired. We have no doubt that Toni will pay that forward in so many ways.