Thelma’s Story

My name is Thelma. I am 35 years old with kids. Before I cam to Rainbow Village my life was unbelievable. I have been married twice. My first marriage was terrible. I put up with a person that loved to fight and drink. I got tired of this and somehow managed to meet my second husband that I thought was going to be something that was going to last but turned out I was wrong again. Six months before I found Rainbow Village my kids and I lived almost everywhere. I had to take my kids over to my first husband’s house to let them sleep there at night while I slept in the car. My kids would go to school hungry and full of worry.

When I moved to Rainbow Village I never knew that the light could shine so bright. I never knew that someone could truly care about my kids and me. I was surrounded by positive people that made a real difference in my life. I never knew that the steps of life start within myself. Rainbow Village gave me something that will never be forgotten: love, shelter, skills, a job and lots of other things. I hope in the future that my kids will be able to finish school and attend college. I also hope that I will be able to be strong enough to support them financially, to buy a house and save money for our future.