Other Testimonials We’ve Received

Dear Rainbow Village,

Thank you for helping when times were hard. You are angels in our eyes. Words cannot explain what you have done for us. We have truly been blessed.

Thank you many times over,
Nicolett & Kids

What a joy it is to say thank you to those who have really been there with a lot of answers at “pressed” times. You’ve been so precious to the families here. You’ve allowed us to be helped by helping ourselves first. Your kind, gentle spirit has allowed me to reestablish myself by knowing that you’ve been here for support and that God has sustained me throughout these months of emotional challenge. I knew if I needed to really talk I could call you and have your prayers. It has been priceless. What a blessing you are.

Patrice & Narrah

I want to thank you for everything you have given us and for all of your prayers.

Jessica, Ashley & Josh

I am Miriam, 38 years old and mom to four children. Before I came to Rainbow Village I lived a miserable life married to someone who thinks only of himself. I have been working two jobs to make ends meet. The more I tried the harder things got, until I discovered a place called Rainbow Village. I thank God for this second chance.