Lynnette’s Story

I have been involved with Rainbow Village for more than 10 years, as a resident, a volunteer and mentor, a board member and now a member of the staff. Through the years and the many different titles, I have been blessed with the gifts of strength, love, patience, and family through Rainbow Village. I came to Rainbow Village alone, scared and beaten down. I was pregnant with my third child and two small children under two. I had left an abusive marriage and moved from another state.

I came into Rainbow Village so distrusting of people and feeling like I had to make it on my own. Rainbow Village showed me that I did not have to live that way anymore. I have learned what family truly means. I’ve learned how to reach out, get help, and help those in need around me.

I have learned how to manage my money through the life skill classes attended and successfully purchased a home. I learned how to trust others. I have been blessed to have the tools now to be able raise happy and well-adjusted children, and to know that we are never alone and will always have the support of Rainbow Village. After all, it truly does take a village to raise a child.

Most important, Rainbow Village never once looked upon me as anything other than a woman trying to put her life back together. They understood I was looking for a helping hand up, homeless yes, helpless no!