Celia’s Story

On an average day Celia came home from work ready to cook dinner and love on her family, but life took a tragic turn. Instead of being met with hugs she was met by an angry hand that crossed a line and made her a victim of domestic violence. She was in shock, stunned and had no idea what to do next. She knew she had to get out and fast. She and her two daughters fled with no time to prepare. They lived in hotels until the money ran out. Even with a stable job, they lived paycheck-to-paycheck, unable to afford the deposits required to move into an apartment. It seemed impossible to plan for tomorrow as they struggled to survive day-to-day.

Celia shares, “I prayed for a safe place for us to live where my daughters would have after-school care, and I could save enough money to either get into an apartment or realize my dream of owning a home of our own. Rainbow Village was the answer to all of my prayers. Not only did they help to meet our physical needs, they instantly became part of our family.

On December 21st we walked into our apartment at Rainbow Village for the first time. We were very sad and lonely because we weren’t able to be with our family and had lost what felt like everything. Things seemed especially hard at Christmas. But, we when opened the front door there were Christmas presents everywhere. It made my daughters so happy to know that someone out there, strangers to us, cared about us and would give so willingly. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was such an emotional experience that it still touches my heart today. I will never forget the love we felt at that moment. And what a teaching moment it was for my girls to see faith, hope and love poured out so unconditionally!”