Beverly’s Story

In 1991 I had a much better life. I was a mom to two children and married to a man who loved me, so I thought. But my life crumbled down around me. I learned my husband was sexually abusing my 11-year-old child. The one act of selfishness almost ended my life. My heart and the hearts of my children were broken. I did not know how to take care of my children or myself. I just let things go and as a result I got behind on all my bills. We lost our home. We lived in several homeless shelters over the next two months. Then God gave my family Rainbow Village. Life is good now.

When we moved into Rainbow Village things began to look up. I got a raise and was able to start saving money. I paid some bills off. Life felt much easier and I was able to regain my confidence. I saw that I could take care of my family and that everything was going to be ok. The 15 months we lived at Rainbow Village was the best time for me to get myself together.

I hope to own my own house soon, to see my kids grow up to be loving caring an understanding people, and to always remember to keep God first. I am blessed.

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    Connectivity Wireless Solutions helps us swing into Spring!

    Our Spring grounds spruce up just got a big boost from new Rainbow Village partner Connectivity Wireless Solutions!
    Our families always enjoy being outside during the warm months and we are sure this new swing installed by the Connectivity Wireless Solutions crew will be a favorite gathering spot for all ages.
    Rainbow Village Corporate Partners are vital to our continuing success in breaking the cycle of family homelessness, poverty and domestic violence.
    To find out how your company can be a Rainbow Village partner, contact Community Engagement Director Michelle Alcorn at 770-497-1888 or email Michelle at
    CWS swing crew group photo
    Top left to right: Steven Morris, Andi Brown, Tyler Smith
    Bottom left to right: Scott Rahim, Logan Taylor, Cal Shirey
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